Setting up your first site

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Start by logging into your account. You will be presented with an empty list, as this would be your first site.
Once logged into your account, click on the button labeled "New".

Add site


Enter your domain, starting with "http:// or https://".
You can enter both a subdomain as well as a top level domain.
Click "Scan"


We will start to process your site, and will see the result in the lift below the entered URL.
If the tracker picked up is known to the system it will show the name and grouping. If there is a tracked not recognized, you can either skip it or entering the name of the tracker. Our platform is trained by our users inputs when it comes to trackers, as well as request ones.

Primary and secondary colors

We try to pull the most & second most colors. If they are not satisfactory to your needs, you can simply change them to either hex or rgba.

Once you're happy with the setup, click on "Save"

Get compliant today

It’s simple! Sign up, scan you site, and off you go. Install using our plugin, or custom implementations.
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